Getting Reaquainted

Jilyan at Padlock Studio
Dancers at the Padlock Studio Shoot

Having only had a brief encounter in early 2010, it’s been too long since I looked at my WordPress and my journey has changed in that time. WordPress is something that had slipped away from and I had inclinations to revisit this place more seriously for some time.

During the rift, I’ve been having a lot of memorable experiences and getting some lovely feedback after shooting live performance events, landscapes, the natural world and had a few positions in local & international competitions and the odd wedding. In 2009, 2010 and 2011, I was invited to judge for the Perth National (Royal Show) which I accepted for the latter two years. Though not my first position as a photographic judge it certainly was an rewarding experience.

This year, a Local Council has picked up 16 of my wetland fauna images for their conservation activities which allowed me to upgrade my gear with a new body and some L class lenses – only a few weeks later I lost nearly all of it down a 40m cliff into a salt water crocodile infested river while in the most remote location in the Kimberly. Though it will not bring back your images insurance is a good thing – a good feeling too as you see a significant figure tumbling away from you.

Earlier in the year, I was fortunate to have spent a two sessions with a great photographer (Christian Fletcher) whom took me a step into the _next level_ that I had been planning for 2012. I feel I have taken that next step, but not fully rested my foot on the ground. These things take time.

Later, I was introduced to studio photography, which is really quite new to me. I have shot in Padlock Studios several times since and we all had a lot of fun aiming at beauty photography mostly, though a lot of other interesting things came out of it. This month I took the role as exclusive photographer for the stage performances for the WAMED 2012 Dance Festival.

Within this article are two images from the Padlock Studio Shoot for the WAMED 2012 Dance Festival.


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